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I have a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpretation and a Certification in Education (C.A.P.) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I also have a Certification in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at Cálamo & Cran, Barcelona. Spanish and Catalan are my mother tongues. In addition to this, I am a near native French speaker after living in France for seven years. During my professional experiences in Spain, France, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, I have taught Spanish at High Schools in Clermont-Ferrand and Paris, France. I have taught Spanish, French, English and Catalan for companies in Barcelona and Paris. Finally, I have offered private online and on-site lessons of these languages.
I have always loved languages, foreign cultures, teaching and travelling. I prepare interactive, fun and efficient activities for different levels, from beginner to advanced. My lessons are adapted and customized to student’s needs and purposes, wheter these are professional, touristic, academic or business reasons. In my online lessons, I normally work with Google documents, screensharing, online resources, videos, articles and pictures. I generally use Zoom, Skype and Google Meet, but I am open to other options. My lessons are more focused on oral expression to motivate the student to speak and make him/her feel comfortable. But I can perfectly adapt the lessons more for writing purposes, grammar or vocabulary. If you want to learn Spanish, French or Catalan, feel free to contact me from this form below and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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