Do you need to translate texts from English or French into Spanish or Catalan? Would you like to learn Spanish, French or Catalan fast and in a fun way?

I am happy to help you! I am Josep Claret: * Online Spanish, French and Catalan teacher. * English or French into Spanish and Catalan translator.


Qualified and experienced English and French into Spanish and Catalan translator.

Language courses

Qualified and experienced online Spanish, French and Catalan teacher.

About me

My name is Josep Claret. I am a translator and a Spanish, Catalan and French teacher. I was born in Terrassa, a town in the suburbs of Barcelona. My mother tongues are Spanish and Catalan. I speak French and English fluently and a little bit of Italian and Russian. I am also considering learning German and Croatian. I can help you with translation and language teaching services. I have always been fascinated by the power of languages to change the world.

josep claret
Josep Claret

Since I was a child, I have been dreaming of travelling, living in other countries, and speaking their languages. In my teens, I loved reading guides about different countries and regions. I let my imagination fly and it carried me away to all those places. When I was 14 years old, I wrote letters in English to penpals around the world. They motivated me to study languages and travel to their countries.

So, I decided to study Translation and Interpretation and I also got a Certification in Education (C.A.P.) at Autonomous University of Barcelona.

I have always liked travelling and living to other countries. I lived seven years in France and this allowed me to master my French. I also lived five and a half years in Ireland and Northern Ireland, and this helped me master English. These experiencies allowed me to understand better these countries cultures.

My various experiences as a teacher, translator and customer care specialist in these countries have allowed me to enrich my professional and personal life.

Apart from languages and travels, I also like meditation and swimming. I have recently moved to Tuscany, Italy. I have started here my freelance activity as a language teacher and translator. I will be happy to help you if you want to learn Spanish, French or Catalan, or if you need documents to be translated.

What my clients have to say

"Josep es meticuloso, preciso y servicial. Destaca por su actitud positiva y enérgica. Muestra una actitud proactiva, dinámica y autónoma, además de poseer una gran capacidad para trabajar en equipo. Capaz de priorizar el trabajo en función de su relevancia, plazos y objetivos. Con excelentes habilidades comunicativas, puede presentar claramente ideas e información de forma oral y escrita en distintas circunstancias y resolver todo tipo de vicisitudes de manera rápida e inteligente."
Josep Peñarroja i Fa
Traductor jurado, Barcelona, España
"Josep was teaching me Spanish. I wanted to improve my Spanish and get ready for my oral exam. He adjusted the course and made every class exciting and interesting. At the end of our course I had my exam and successfully passed it thanks to his help. If you want to learn Spanish, he is the best person."
Bernarda Marasovic
Marketplace Quality Agent, Dublin, Ireland
"Josep was my Spanish and French teacher for almost two years: he is a very professional and friendly person with a deep motivation for his job. He has also a deep culture about countries like Spain and France, where he has lived many years. I improved my language skills a lot with him."
Carola del Buono
Content Reviewer Analyst, Dublin, Ireland
"I certify that Josep is a responsible, serious and charming teacher. As the Coordinator of the language courses that he taught, I always received exceptional feedback about his work and person from his students and Human Resources Directors in the companies."
Craig Humphrey Priestley
Coordinador de Idiomas en Grupo CIEF, Barcelona, España


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